Free executive coaching in the Philippines, anyone?

On October 3, we launched our free executive coaching program: SEED Project. It stands for Starter’s Executive Education Development Project.

Starting this week, we’re giving a 30-minute “for-thank you” executive coaching. All good?

We have been in the business of people development that we believe it’s about time to get serious on one-on-one coaching. Using Lloyd Luna‘s over 15 years experience in dealing with the top leadership and management teams of big and medium companies here and abroad, I’m ready for you.

How does my executive coaching work? We will find out during our catching up.

If you’d like to take a look at the possible experience, just let me know. I’ll find time to meet you online.

This is our Starter’s Executive Education Development (SEED) Project. Our mission is to help leaders lead. Through this learning call, we hope we make an impact on your teams and organizations.

Free Executive Coaching Philippines
Free Executive Coaching Philippines

Executive coaching has started to be popular in 2010. The Filipinos may have realized they need some professional assistance in dealing with their leadership and management situation.

Because we have been in the business of personal development, it’s only proper that we offer some help you may need it. That’s one reason we got into executive coaching as well.

If you wonder why we offer this free executive coaching program, it’s because we want to explore partnerships in the future. While this is only a 30-minute free coaching session, we feel we may get enough information for us to use to help you.

We have a couple of tricks in our hat. Our years of professional experience in dealing with top leadership and management teams can prove that. We’d like to use those knowledge and wisdom to help you in your executive role.

Of course, nothing is finished until it is finished. After our online executive coaching session, we will certainly have one thing created: friendship.